Tiny Houses Are For Dreamers

A few weeks ago I wrote about waiting for someday and trying to attain your goals now instead. This has become so much more applicable to me in the last few weeks as I’m still struggling to make ends meet and prep for the day when my bank account no longer supports my student loans.

The truth is I’m kind of a materialistic person. I like nice things and I’m not sorry about it! But I’m also pretty creative and love to DIY hack my way into that “chic item” Anthropologie wants to charge your first born for. That being said, I’ve always dreamt of my future home: A New England farmhouse with a huge yard, close to town, with a tree in the back for a swing. I am the girl who dreams of subway tile and will watch Fixer Upper for hours on end. Sadly, my dream house is nowhere in sight right now. The reality is I still live at home, and am fortunate to have a roof over my head. At some point, though, it’s time to find my own place and stand on my own two feet. I have no interest in throwing my money away on rent though – especially when the prices in the regions of New York I’ve been looking at are astronomical. And I want a place that feels like mine – like I’ve accomplished some bit of my dream. So that’s when I started thinking about building a tiny house.

Tiny houses are becoming a huge trend. They are much more affordable than traditional houses, can be moved when necessary, and afford people like me the opportunity to make something of their own; to really make a home.

I talked to my dad, mom, and boyfriend about it and it’s actually the only thing that makes sense to me anymore. My boyfriend and I love the idea that we could build something that’s ours, and we wouldn’t have to commit to a location. Do we want to be tiny housers forever? Probably not, but it would get us going, and get us feeling like we’re achieving a tiny dream. I thought I needed to “get somewhere”, and make it to that thing I’ve always envisioned, but there are so many ways to feel fulfilled and happy with the small decisions we make every day. Do I still have a dream house? Of course, it’s a pretty awesome Pinterest board if I do say so myself, but I also have dream tiny house inspired by Liberation’s Farmhouse Model. It’s something I can achieve… well once I figure out this whole financing business.

If you’re like me, struggling to feel like a person most days, succeeding some, and searching for a way to move forward, maybe a tiny house is for you. There are so many resources out there for those looking to DIY it, and builders galore for those that want someone else to handle the dirty work. Prices can get up there, but when compared to long term renting and traditional mortgages, it’s a fraction of the cost. The biggest issue I’ve come across in my research is where to park your house once you have it. If you have friends that will let you park on their land, or a long term campground in your area, those are probably your best options. You can also search for hosts here

As for us, we’re at the point where we’re building sketch-up models, drawing floor plans, and trying to figure out where we could eventually park the house. It’s exciting and scary, and something that feels totally doable, and that’s a really great feeling.

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